Learning from Error

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: On the 55 Questions on Judaism page, I found two answers that I thought were incorrect, you write,

"43. Is homosexuality immoral? Just as in the above answer, homosexuality too, distorts human creation. In addition, the spilling of seed which is prohibited also leads to sexual promiscuity and no offspring can result from this union."

That is not the official Jewish opinion of homosexuality. Judaism has a history of fighting for gay rights and supporting causes of the sort.

You also answered a question saying that some things are punishable by death. I don't think that is true either... Judaism focuses of the preservation of life and is opposed to the death penalty.
Maybe you gave these answers only by what the Torah says, but perhaps you should answer by the Talmud as well. Could you clarify for me?

Mesora: The talmud and Torah are not at odds with each other, but rather, they compliment each other. talmudic law is all based on Torah - Scriptures. What I already wrote is accurate, and what you have heard is not based on any authentic sources. Many liberals exist today making their agenda surpass the Torah's agenda.

Judaism values honesty, and those acts which oppose God's will have been spelled out clearly in the Torah. People do get killed, and homosexuality is an abomination. The Torah teaches this explicitly. Ask you other sources of Judaic information to back their claims with texts.

They can't.

Reader: Um.... okay. I sort of always thought that Judaism was a TOLERANT religion, which is one of the reasons I love being Jewish so much. Hmm. So my entire life, I've been taught the wrong thing? I find that hard to believe...

Mesora: You now have a unique opportunity, which many others miss. That is, you are now faced with learning what God wills in these areas, as opposed to what you have learned up to this point, i.e. that of man's feeble, egalitarian desires.

God is fair, and requires murderers to be killed. Man only thinks he is fair, and creates other resolutions, like jails, which, when overcrowded, allow killers back on the streets.

God teaches that procreation is mandated, and homosexuality does not procreate, and is therefore prohibited. (See my article)

You now have the opportunity to start questioning all over again, learning the truth about the world and life as intended by God. Man often distorts God's original intentions for a perfect life. Only God's Torah and teachings via the Rabbis of the Talmud contain the undiluted, authentic Jewish values and laws. They also contain precise reasoning which will enlighten you to a sense of pure justice, not the popular and mass accepted, man-constructed system in current circulation.

Research,..... you will find God's system to be inline with reason.

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