Letters Oct. 2010

Jennifer: I would like to be Jewish and sometimes I discuss on a forum to discuss Judaism.  There's someone there who doesn't like it when I offer an opinion simply because I am not yet Jewish.  He said that God loved the Israelites more than the Egyptians and that was why He chose them.  This last statement worries me.  I believe that Judaism is the true religion but I find it hard to accept that God loves one man more than another.  I have three very different children and I love them all.  I think that good people please God, but I don't think that God actually loves Jews by default. If I have caused offense in any way with this question, please tell me why and forgive me.  None is intended.

Rabbi: Jennifer,
Not to worry: the other person is 100% incorrect. I have addressed the equality of all people many times on Mesora. A Jew is not superior. Here are articles:  

There's many more here under "Noachide Philosophy":

Please quote me to the group so all may read, correct their error, and cease from spreading fallacy. All I have written is not my mere belief, but it is based on the Torah and Prophet's very words. Additionally, we do not judge a person's words based on who their parents are (Christian, Jew, etc)  but based on the content of their words. Judging you less because you are not Jewish is foolish.

Jennifer:  Thank you for your reply.  I was feeling broken-hearted but now I feel stronger.  I read the first two essays (in the links you gave) and they have been of great value. I will quote you so that people won't believe the fallacy.

Kindest regards,