What Made God?


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim




When seeing a beam of light hitting a wall at our right, it is not sensible to say that the beam coming from the left travels backwards infinitely, with no light source. With no source, the beam could not exist. Thus, there must be some flashlight, laser or source of light at the beginning of the beam. However far back it goes, it must have a source of origin.

The same applies to creation. It is illogical to say that the universe was created by God, and God was created by Z, and Z was created by Y, and Y by X, ad infinitum. This suggests that there is no cause for everything. Nothing can exist without a cause. Just as we arrived at the source for the beam of light, we must arrive at a first cause for all that exists. And that first cause is not preceded by anything. Although we don’t understand God’s existence, an existence independent of all else, the alternative of an endless series of things creating the next thing, is impossible.

We accept the astonishing over the impossible and say that God exists, not preceded by anything.