Matter Needs Creation
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: What is the proof that all of physical existence had a beginning? The big bang does not prove beginning because there are theories which explain that the world is in a period of oscillation, meaning that it keeps collapsing back to a singularity, so there could have been many big bangs aside from this one, thus matter and energy prior to the big bang.
Mesora: Scientists agree that they cannot postulate anything prior to the Big Bang, as their premises only work to explain the world as we know it. Therefore, they abandon any explanation prior to the commencement of the Big Bang. Additionally, the1st mishna of chapter 2 in Talmud Chagiga teaches that man is not allowed to ponder 4 things, what is above the earth and below it, what came before the earth and after it. Simply because it is a futile search, there can be no basis found for any supposition on there 4 topics.
Regarding physical matter requiring creation, the simplest argument is,.....a thing cannot create itself. The universe is physical and therefore could not have created itself. It also could not be in existence forever backwards, in that case, it would never reach its "present" state.

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