Assorted Medrashim

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: I only skimmed the article on Adam and Chava, so I might have missed it, but it didn't seem to mention the interpretation that they were originally one being (Adam) which was then split, Chava being Adam's *side* (like the use of the word _tzela`_ when referring to the Mishkan) and not just a *rib*. i agree with the many-times repeated statement on the site that midrashim are not meant to be taken literally.
Mesora: Tzela implies that woman was "destined" to be part of man's existence, thus the medrash that Eve was "part" of Adam.
Reader: What do you think about the incident of Ov necromancy in the book of Shemuel, when Shaul haMelekh wants to talk to the already-deceased Shemuel haNavi?
Mesora: The Radak says clearly on the spot, that it was all a metaphor, not that Shmuel was actually raised from the dead, which is an impossibility for man, let alone a heathen. When prophets did similar miracles, it was still G-d who actually performed the miracle. As Saadia Gaon says, " has no power over the elements". Radak mentioned that the baales Ov, who needed to impress Saul, only claimed to see Shmuel, but didn't. Saul, who wished to hear Shmuel, heard, but only imagined so. And the two men who didn't care either way about Saul's attempt to "bring up Shmuel" neither saw, nor heard. Radak clearly understands that entire account to be taken non-literally.

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