Messiah and Sacrifice
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: When the Messiah is here, what will be the purpose to the temple sacrifices?
Mesora: Read Ramban's commentary on Leviticus, 1:9, and see our article on "Sacrifice" in the "Newly Posted Articles" section on our homepage. This will explain the purpose of sacrifice according to both Ramban and Maimonides.
The advent of the messiah does not affect the significance of sacrifice. It actually enables us once again to offer them. So I am not clear as to why you ask if sacrifice will have purpose then.
If you ask that in that era, idolatry is abolished, then "why offer sacrifice?" (according. to Maimonides' view) I would answer that although idolatry is gone, we still must commemorate how wrong are the false ideas of lost cultures. Although the culture is lost, the seeds of that culture which brought forth ideas as idolatry are in each man. We therefore require constant recognition of those emotions in man which are destructive.

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