Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: xxxxxx is a relatively new movement that is gathering much support in Modern Orthodox circles. Although it has received lots of very good press and has set goals that seem admirable a priori, many prominent Roshei Yeshiva, including Rav xxxxxx from xxx, have reacted very strongly against them. I would really appreciate it if you could examine their website, especially their online journal, and review the movement as you see it.
Mesora: Provided an individual or a group follow the laws outlined by the Torah, I don't see what difference a "movement" makes.
The sole factor for determining the validity of one's actions must be halacha.
People always desire things to get excited about because they are looking for something outside of Torah, and therefore never reach satisfaction in their lives. They tend to get hyped, alarmed, and display all sorts of emotional fervor in the wake of movements, but Shlomo already taught us, "ayn kol chadash tachas hashamesh", "there is nothing new under the sun".
God promised us in the beginning of Uva L'Tzion, "lo yamush mpicha, umipi zaaracha, umipi zera zaaracha amar Hashem may-ata v'ad olam". We have the best insurance policy that Torah in its true form will not be lost. And this is via God's perfect Torah system, without movements.
Movements will come and go, always, its man's nature.
Shlomo informed us thousands of years ago.

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