Necromancy - Contacting the Dead
Moshe Ben-Chaim
A new wave of idolatry has presented itself in the form of "tele-seancing". John Edwards fools many - perhaps even himself - into believing he has contact with the deceased. It is unfortunate that crowds yearning contact will flock to hear Edward's deception. With a little observation, we can see through his charade, whereby he robs the simple of their minds and their wallets.
Edwards regularly commences with statements like, "I sense a person who died of some disease. It's coming from this part of the audience," (he walks close to those seated) "I feel an "S", a "Susan or Shirley" coming through." If no one responds, he names more letters or names until somone does. (An attendee responds), "Suzanne?", Edwards says, "Yes!" (Edwards feeds on the response), "She was very ill,...I sense there was a medication problem..."
Edwards describes typical, elderly circumstances, but nothing in specific. He lures those with a dire need for contact to seize his words as misguided hope. He can never walk up to a select person, name a deceased relative, name their illness, their circumstance or any other detail with 100% accuracy. Why? Becaue he doesn't have this knowledge. No man does.
Edwards places bait out which is general enough that a person longing for a relative will bite, and really feel that Edwards described their very own loved ones.
There is no truth to Edwards, nor to psychics, as they both use the same methods of talking fast and securely, thereby feeding on the insecurities of those who already demonstrated some belief by attending their presentations. But ask them any direct question, and they have no answers.
In the Bible, Deut. 18:11, God tells us that inquiring of the dead is an abomination. Edwards is then considered by God as perpetrating abominations.
The Torah again dismisses this possibility in the case of King Saul and the necromancer (See Radak on Samuel I, Chap. 28, and Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, Idolatry, 13;11). We too must understand the fallacy of such claims. God alone has such powers.
More essentially, we do not follow irrational modes of thinking in life. The entire universe, from physical laws which govern celestial spheres, to human psychology, are all guided by precise systems. All of these systems are rational, and adhere to consistent patterns. With these systems, we predict solar eclipses, determine weather patterns, suggest behavioral approaches to correct human illness, prescribe medication, decide who to marry, who to work for and every other decision. The universe in its entirety has design and follows explicable, scientific phenomena. The burden of proof is not upon us to show him wrong. Conversely, Edwards has the burden of proof to explain how necromancy works, using rational arguments. If he cannot, we should not accept anything about necromancy. Just as we would not accept a math teacher who could not explain math, we cannot accept Edwards who cannot explain necromancy.
The conclusion must be that if the entire universe operates by rational and explicable systems, then, those areas which people suggest are true, but have no proof, must be false.
Write the SciFi Channel by clicking here:
Tell them you see through the deception, and demand they cease from deceiving the public with such programming.
Honesty is more virtuous than ratings.

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