Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: you often stress the importance of rational understanding.yet there are things in halacha that defy any attempt to be rational. for example, the way hilchos niddah is taught a woman should make two bedikas a day, wear white undergarments, white night gown and use white sheets. this is completely neurotic. also a woman cannot pass any object to her husband. and these are all stringencies imposed by rabbi's that I'm supposed to respect. They do not make any sense. Judaism is a beautiful religion that becomes torturous to follow because of a million stringencies added to the original laws.
Mesora: Wearing white is simply to have the best contrast for determining if a woman is still bleeding. Colored garments make it more difficult. It is not neurotic.
Abstention from passing objects directly to one/s spouse when a niddah is also based on a sound principle, I refer to "identification". When one takes something from another's hand, there is an identification which exists at that moment, a closeness, which if not restricted, might lead to physical contact, and perhaps violation of sexual abstinence during niddah. You can see this idea of identification when two people shake hands. The entire shaking hands institution is to create a closer bond with someone else.
Keep asking these types of questions objectively, you will see more and more insights of the Torah and the Rabbis, and you will then come to appreciate the complexity of human nature, and the precision of our Torah laws which address each and every aspect of the human condition, guiding us towards correct notions and true happiness.

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