Kabbala: at Odds with Torah 


Moshe Ben-Chaim

After meeting with a few community members concerned that Jewish education is suffering from mystical influences from within, and hearing many others' view of a "mystical Judaism," it continues to be alarmingly apparent that Jewish educators and local Rabbis do not teach "Judaism."

These community members I met are intelligent, and realize that without a firm grasp of the very basics - TaNaCH - students are being led astray by Rebbeim who believe in Kabbalisitc heresies, such as God being similar to creation, that He has parts, He is inside man's soul, that He exists in sin, that Rebbes are the "atzmus" (essence) of God so they are infallible, and other disturbing and heretical notions.

If students and Jews in general been taught Judaism's fundamentals as cited by Rambam and other leaders, had they been taught God's words (not man's) like "I (God) am not similar to anything (Isaiah)", that Moshe sinned - hence human infallibility is a lie ... our students would not accept foolish doctrines cited above. Students and Jews would protest notions that contradict God's words in TaNaCH.

Today's Judaism ignores God's words, and instead, favors incomprehensible and heretical notions found in man-made works like Kabbala, Tanya, Breslov and other works that assume an identity similar to Christian doctrines. When the priority of God's words is rejected, this is no longer Judaism.

I urge educators and Rabbis to address this, if you sincerely wish to promote the Judaism God gave us through His swords in TaNaCH. I urge you to protest the teaching of heretical notions, regardless of the mass acceptance of certain works. 

When two sources contradict each other, and one source is God's words, we must reject the opposing source.

Do this for Judaism, for students, for the community...and for yourself.