Opposing the Rabbis
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: How can you go against so many rabbis who hold reincarnation as a truth? Saadia Gaon's statement that its absurd was a minority view, all others believed in reincarnation.
Mesora: Judaism does not encourage one to follow anything except his mind, regardless of how many wise people hold a view. Maimonides, Saadia Gaon and the Vilna Gaon for example, went against many mainstream views.
Should you suggest that Saadia Gaon was incorrect on reincarnation solely due to the other view being first and accepted, what if that first view only came onto the scene after Saadia Gaon, Saadia Gaon being accepted first,.........would that then render Saadia Gaon the correct view, merely because he was first? This makes no sense.
Maimonides, Saadia Gaon and the Vilna Gaon were independent thinkers, and held their views rightfully, as it is G-d's will that man follow his mind, not people. According to your view, Avraham should not have deviated from the preponderance of idolatrous views in his generation.
Until something becomes mainstream, do you deem it 'false', and then it becomes 'correct' only after many others attach themselves to that view? An increase in followers does not make a view more correct.
You are forced to agree that an idea is correct independent of who says it. Therefore, we are bound to determine by reason alone if a view is correct. Therefore, every human being must by definition, use his or her own mind and determine for themselves whether an idea makes sense to them or not.
We must abandon following reputations as the means for acceptance of ideas.
(Note: This article deals only with the area of philosophy. In areas of halacha one is bound to follow the majority opinion.)

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