Are the Prophet's Messages Relevant Today

Moshe Ben-Chaim

What role do the Prophets play in (modern) days. Are their (messages) still relevant, particularly Daniel?

It must be understood that all words and messages which the Jewish prophets spoke in the Bible, were all Divinely inspired. Additionally, G-d desires that the Torah, (including the Prophets and Writings), remain the preoccupation of man's life throughout all generations. This is written openly in the Torah numerous times.

With these two factors, it is quite evident that the words of the Prophets are as valid and relevant today, as when uttered, thousands of years ago. G-d instructed the Prophets to speak what they did, G-d knowing that their words would be committed to the body of the Bible. G-d's words testify that He desires that the Torah be the blueprinted guideline for a human life, a life filled with the highest involvements, and of the greatest enjoyments. Therefore, all which the Prophets spoke were intended for all generations.

G-d has not altered the human design. It remains man's goal to achieve happiness, remove conflict, desire love, be involved in thought, and so on. Man remains unchanged. Therefore, man's guideline, the Torah, needs no changes. This is also commanded in the Torah in Deuteronomy, "do not to add and do not to subtract...(the words of the Torah)".

For one to suggest that the words of the Prophets are irrelevant, is to say that G-d could not predict the future, and some unforeseen circumstances voided G-d's original plan. How ridiculous!

This supposition also assumes that man has changed from his original design. These two facts are however false.

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