Are the Rabbis Teachings Authentic?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: I accept your proofs concerning the authenticity of Tora from Siani, but is there a similar proof for the veracity of the Talmud? In other words, how do we know that Hazal didn't substantially revamp the religion from the way it existed during the First Commonwealth? The fact that absolutely no statements or rulings are attributed to sources that lived during the First Commonwealth only exacerbates the problem. If the court system and direct mesora existed as Rambam writes in hilkhot mamerim, wouldn't at least one of those rulings have been passed down? If you read a gemera, it would seem as if Hazal made it all up themselves?
Response: Do you think Chazal could have unanimously agreed to revamp? Wouldn't at the least a few of them held firmly to the authentic Torah? And therefore we would find - according to you - some history written about such a conflict in Chazal?
What I would say the unified approach of Chazal teaches, is that they were all following the authentic Torah and the rules of interpretation received from Moshe. This is why you never come across statement of one rabbi accusing another of deviating from the method of interpretation. All we find are differences in their formulations, but not in their adherence to the methods of derivation and learning.
Additionally, regarding your concern for their reliability of their Mesora, G-d has promised that the Torah will never be lost from our nation, see the prayer "U'va L'Tzion", taken from Yeshiah, 59:20-21.
Question: Can you prove that the Mishna is authentic and that the oral torah that was brought down to text wasn't distorted? Please base your facts on texts prior to the Mishna. If you do have proof so please tell me why is it different from oral laws of other religions?
Response: We do not find the Rabbis in the Talmud claiming any distortions. Had our law been distorted, the original recipients would have spoken up. All those sages who have studied the texts meticulously were in universal agreement that they had the authentic texts. Had any transmitter of the Law altered the texts, others would have spoken up. But none have. This mass silence prove that there were no distortions. Had anyone 30 years ago tried to alter the story of JFK's assassination, they would have met with harsh ridicule from all others who had the correct version. So too with Torah.
Question: Since there is no High court in the temple mount today, and we have different streams in Judaism, why am I obligated to adapt one of them?
Response: You will find orthodoxy as the only branch of Judaism tracing itself back to Moses, who received the law from God. This is proveable if you read the article "Torah from Sinai".

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