Reader's response to Mesora's position on Chassidus and stories of the Besht


Reader: I haven't seen a greater distortion of emuna B'Hashem and emunas chachomim than this web site.
Mesora: Please specify a comment on our site and it will be addressed.


Reader: You work on making light of minhogei yisroel and customs which are brought in sifrei hakadmonim whether it be the Maharal or the Chida or sifrei Chasidus.
Mesora: Have you read the Gra's adamant position against Chassidus? Was he not a chocham? A Gadol Hador?


Reader: I would like to know which gedolei yisroel of the present day back your theories?
Mesora: Please see above comment, and re-read the intro to "Duties of the Heart".
We don't follow someone merely because they are a chochom. Ramban didn't follow Rambam based on reputation. Ramban followed his mind, and the author of "Duties" reprimands someone who doesn't follow his mind, and blindly follows rabbis without proving the idea as true or false to his very self. One cannot accept all Rishonim, as they were not in agreement. One must choose with his own mind what he sees as honest and true, just as the Rishonim practiced, and urged us to do.


Reader: I was just wondering whether you have learned through shas beiyun at least once before you want to compare yourself to the Gra or the Rambam.
Mesora: I don't see where I compared myself to them.You asked , and I quote:"I would like to know which gedolei yisroel of the present day back your theories?" My answer was the Gra.

You must disapprove of the Gra for his stance against chassidus. And in doing so, you contradict the very position you claim all people should have, that which you call "achdus", accepting all views.

Don't be afraid of using your mind and following a view even if it opposes others. All Rishonim, Tanaaim, and Chazal followed their minds and argued on others. Their goal was not to be inline with all views. They didn't hide behind a desire for achdus when it came to determining what they saw as emess. They argued on eachother out of a desire for truth.
Like them, don't follow a 'personality'. Follow what you see as truth.

When you read the introduction to "Duties of the Heart", and other works, you will see this is the view of R. Bachaya ben Josef ibn Paquda, and many other authors.

Moshe Ben-Chaim


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