Reincarnation vs Resurrection


Moshe Ben-Chaim



Reader: In the everyday morning services there is a prayer just before all the morning blessings that reads something like “Blessed are you... that resurrects the dead...”  What does this mean, if we aren't into reincarnation, as you wrote here: Reincarnation?



Mesora: This refers to the resurrection at the time of the Messiah. Not to reincarnation. God will enact resurrection, displaying His complete might, demonstrated by that which man finds most challenging. Reincarnation implies a regular method of operation whereby responsibility and punishment outlined in the Torah seems to be untrue, as one can always “come back and try again.” This is why reincarnation makes no sense; it goes against the fundamentals of Judaism - i.e., reward and punishment. There must be a term to man's existence so that reward or punishment devolves upon every person.