Hazuk v. Baruch on your recent articles regarding the recent proliferation of kabbala and mystic readings guided toward the masses. In my shul, I continually come across many unlearned individuals whose sole reading material primarily concerns itself with the ein sof, tikkun, tzimzum, and of course that maschiach is among us. Of far more concern however are the Rabbis who publish this stuff. They at least know, or should, know better. Moreover, should I ever seek to make a rational or intellectual argument that counters the fluff they have been indoctrinated with their sole response is to quickly respond with the cry of “apikoris.” Jewish education is, I dare say, in a very sad state of affair because views like yours, where one is encouraged to actually think, is a dwindling minority.

Please tell Rabbi Meyers I said hello. You are very lucky to have him. A wonderful man and true chacham.


Shabbat Shalom, 

Nativ Winiarsky