Killing and Sacrifice
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: Why did God accept Abel's sacrifice of animals and not Cain's who didn't kill any living being?
Reply: Abel gave of his best, while Cain did not. Cain was miserly in relation to G-d, a contradiction, as G-d is the supplier of what Cain withheld. Hence, Abel's sacrifice was accepted, and Cain's was not.
Regarding animals and sacrifice, G-d desired that man offers sacrifices. It is an open command in the Bible. Man did not create this form of worship. Do not be concerned that animal life is being taken,. Since G-d created life, He can say that it should be taken. We must obey His will. G-d only can determine when life is to be spared, and when it is not to be spared. This is not a decision for man, as man did not create life. We have no rights over the morality of killing.

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