“Powerful Segulah For Jewish Singles This Purim”

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

That was the title of the email I received last week. An orthodox organization was offering to pray for singles, if they were paid, clearly misleading singles with guaranteed success in finding a mate. My response follows…

Torah says that God works with reward and punishment. Therefore, a rasha can’t be helped through $180 donations, but only through teshuvah. And a tzaddik doesn’t need this method, as God will answer his prayers based on his perfection...without paying you.

Segulas are not to be found in Torah, Neviim or Kasuvim. Torah’s prescription is tefilos to Hashem, as displayed by Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov and their wives. They are examples for us, explaining why Hashem included their lives in Torah. We are not to add or subtract to the Torah’s lessons, or foolishly suggest, “We are on a lower level and need amulets or seagulls.” That belief adds to Torah, and is idolatrous. Even the Shulchan Aruch says people who believe the mezuzah to possess segulos (powers) are sinful:

 “If one affixes the mezuza for the reason of fulfilling the command, one may consider that as reward for doing so he will be watched by G-d. But, if one affixes the mezuza solely for protective reasons, it in fact has no guidance, and the mezuza will be as knives in his eyes”. (Gilyon M’harsha, Yoreh Daah, 289, page 113 on the bottom)


Please halt this deception. I know you also don’t guarantee that prayers are answered by returning money to unanswered people who paid you, so you are taking money from unsuspecting victims, which is stealing and Lifnay Ivare, misleading.

Not praying for those who don't pay you is also cruel.

Honesty. Truth. This is what Hashem desires.