Perhaps Revelation at Sinai was really aliens
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Dear Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim,
I met my friend one day and we started to talk about G-d. He wanted to know my opinion on His existence. So I explained, that my conviction is based upon the Revelation on Sinaj. After I told him my arguments, he claimed: "What if it wasnīt G-d who revealed, but only the extraterestrial existence (UFO) on the higher level than we are? What if they produced that great voice and the other effects?" I asked him, how could he support his claim and he replied, how can I prove, that it was G-d and no one else. I really didnīt know, what to tell him...
How can I disprove his fantastic claim?
What arguments should I use?
The first thing to note is that this person certainly does not use the alien argument in other areas of his life where he is not certain about something. This shows that he is not really interested in accepting this fact of revelation at Sinai. He is merely trying to remove responsibility for following the Torah, so he suggests crazy impossibilities that he himself does not employ in his regular life.
Secondly, supposing aliens created the event at Sinai, why would aliens write in the Torah to "follow G-d", and not "follow the aliens" themselves? This is truly a hole in their theory.
Thirdly, what is gained by suggesting that aliens orchestrated the event? Is this so we do not have to believe in G-d? If so, how were the aliens created? Would he not admit that everything has a cause? Even aliens? Additionally, why would the aliens not show themselves if they desired to be followed? The account at Sinai does not mention aliens. Again, why is it that all present at Sinai believed it was G-d who created the event, and not aliens? Wouldn't at least one person there out of 2 million suggest this if this was a possibility?
If aliens created the Sinai event, then let's go with this and suggest that they also split the sea, killed the egyptians, spoke to Abraham, and every other instance where we normally say it was G-d. Yet we find no mention of aliens. All phenomena are attributed to G-d, Creator of heaven and earth. What is the motive of such aliens to do this?
The truth is that the event was orchestrated in a specific manner, so as to remove such questions.
G-d created a voice which emanated from the fire. This is repeated about 8 times in Deuteronomy.
And for good reason. This specific miracle removes any doubt that a biological being was speaking. For if it were biological, the fire would consume it. This is precisely why G-d employed 'fire' and a 'voice'. To teach that the Source of this event is not biological in any fashion. The One who created the event at Sinai is able to control the elements, something a created being cannot do, as a created being follows the laws of the elements, and by definition, cannot create them.
One must come back finally to a Being which has no need for creation, and is the Sole Cause for all created existences. It is not logical to state that everything had a cause all the way back in time, and there was no First cause. This makes no sense, for if time is infinite backwards, you cannot reach the present.
Moshe Ben-Chaim

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