Sinai Questions 4
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: In the case of Sinai you have a group of people who claim that their ancestors witnessed something amazing. None of the original witnesses is still alive, so you can't ask them about it.
Mesora: You would admit that George Washington, Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Columbus existed, although you cannot ask anyone about them. One need not ask someone else in order to have proof of something. I'm sure you visit doctors when ill, and would even allow surgery, even though you never saw this doctor attend medical school. How do you know he is a doctor? Answer, you use second hand knowledge, even when you need surgery! You attest that even though there are no witnesses, and the doctor could be lying,you accept second hand knowledge. Well, that is what we use to prove that Sinai existed. The same method you employ to accept someone as a doctor, or that the world had leaders thousands of years ago, even though there is "no one to ask."
Question: In the case of the Jews, none of these alleged witnesses (except the author of Exodus) recorded his testimony, so you can't examine that, either.
Mesora: Your error here is that if there were no other witnesses, then why did the story have survive? Imagine your argument as true for a moment: Moses would go to a people called Jews, telling them that they were all at an event. If they weren't there they would not agree that their history as a nation was "X" when it wasn't. I would be akin to someone telling the us today that we really never had Kennedy for president. Moses could not get a nation to accept that their history was something other than what it was. In such a scenario, Moses would be a laughing stock, and not one person would accept his "book". He would not be remembered either. But by the very fact that this event at Sinai is accepted on not only a national level, but on a world scale, that is the very proof that the story must have happened, otherwise the Jews would not have circulated it. At worst, we would at least have an alternate history of the Jews at that time period of what you suggest "really" took place. But we don't. Why then according to you is there no alternate history? The answer is precisely that; there is no alternate history. Sinai actually took place.

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