Star of David
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: I am curious as to the meaning of the Star of David and the significance of the symbol as it appears in the religious objects of Judaism.
Thank you
Mesora: My understanding from another rabbi's discussion is that it has no part in authentic Jewish philosophy. Symbolism is not supported by the Torah. We don't have objects to move us to emotional attachments. We do have reminders of philosophically true ideas. But generic symbols which do not point to a concept are outside the pale of the central theme of Judaism, i.e., to follow true ideas. Having a shield of arms only calls to mind what the viewer projects, therefore it is not an objective truth, and not part of Jewish philosophy. All objects we have which are commanded by God are for recognizing a concept. The Star of David does not carry with it any command, or support from the authentic transmitters of the
Written and Oral law.

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