Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: How can one disprove Subjectivism? If Subjectivism doesn't hold by logic, how can you argue against it?
Mesora: Subjectivism has an inherent contradiction:
Their proponents claim that all is subjective. By definition, they hold a "principle", (all is subjective). However, a "principle" is something which is always true. meaning, it is "objectively" true. Thus, their contradiction. While they wish to be subjective, they endorse a principle, in doing so, they follow an objective phenomena, and cannot also hold that Subjectivism is valid.
Another inherent flaw with their theory is that since all members of mankind share the identical psychological makeup, (i.e., ego, guilt, desire for happiness, etc.) their claim that man should follow whichever path he feels is a clear denial of this equality in all mankind. By definition this means that all mankind should function similarly, not however they wish, as supported by Subjectivism.
Subjectivism also carries with it a denial of God, and the giving of the Torah at Sinai. As God commands ALL man in one path of life, God testifies to the objectivity of Torah.
More essentially, Subjectivism denies the way man actually thinks and lives. I wonder how far adherents of Subjectivism are willing to go: Would they deny all history, because they will claim that each member of mankind is entitled to believe what he feels? And what of the terms "right" and 'wrong"? Do they allow each man live by his own Subjective definition? This would certainly cause crime and many deaths, as each man can define "justice" as suits his needs.

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