Subjectivism II
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: My name is --------. We have arranged for Dr. Alan Keyes to speak to our community in November. A number of influential members of our community are "up in arms" about our decision, noting Dr. Keyes' anti-Gay and anti-abortion stands. They have threatened to write letters to all board members and to write an article in our local Jewish newspaper.

Would you have any suggestions as to how to best handle this delicate situation. One of the most vocal opponents of our decision is a Jewish member of the local school board who has one son who is homosexual.

Thanks for your help and the work you are doing
Mesora: I recently wrote my thoughts on how the Torah approaches morality. Please have a read at the article below. I think you will understand from here how we must approach all areas of morality. God alone determines what is morally correct, and what is not. God determines reality. Our benefit is not to argue, but to understand God, and the reality He designed. Do we argue that gravity should have been created differently? Do we argue that the human body should have two hearts instead of just one? No. We strive to understand the wisdom enveloped in the perfect design of nature, and we find that wisdom only after years of study. In similar fashion we must approach God's Torah. It too is His creation, containing even finer marvels.
God teaches that homosexuality is a deviation, as is abortion. Our attitude should be to study God's wisdom in these areas too, learning what the deviation is, and not contest them simply because they oppose our subjective preferences.
Realizing what and why God opposes offers unique insights into tremendously wise precepts. Opposing them cheats us out of such pearls of wisdom.
The Torah must determine all our actions.
Read this article:

Free Speech vs. Objective Morality

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