T.E.A.C.H. is Mesora.org's new initiative availing Torah education to a wider audience. By enabling you, our educational and community organizations to create your own free web presence housing our links, more Jews will be exposed to Mesora.org's content.

You will also receive your own, exclusive web address to publicize and print on collateral.

The entire process takes just a few minutes.....and it is free for as long as you wish us to host your web page.

How to Create your Homepage:
1) Click "Create New Homepage",
2) Next screen - enter "master" for both the user ID and password to enter
3) Next screen - select (and write down) a NEW user ID and password and enter your desired information in the fields,.....then simply click "Submit Profile". You will then be presented with a unique new web address which is exclusively yours.

Return 24/7 to update your page using the "Modify" button. We hope that having your own web presence furthers your goals.