Existence of the Soul
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I'm researching this for my teacher. I believe though that what he is looking for is a proof (not from torah) that each and every person has a soul. do you know if such a thing exist? maybe if you would clarify the meaning of what a soul is, that would be a start. thank you
Mesora: Ask him why a rock cannot think. What is the difference between a rock and man?
Thought implies recognition of concepts - things which are not physical. The idea of gravity is not that which one can point to. One can only point to the "effects of gravity, but the idea of gravity is not a physical thing. In order to perceive of any idea, one requires an apparatus which is of the same nature as ideas, i.e., the soul., something not physical, something metaphysical.
The soul is that part of man which is not physical, and can relate to an idea. When man is dead, his soul no is longer connected to his body, and the body therefore is like dust or a rock. An inanimate substance.
We clearly see no other existence other than man which has the ability to perceive ideas. Even animated beings such as animals only mimic man and their environments for protective and procreative goals, as God has designed them to do. But they have no ability to ponder philosophy or determine moral judgments. Only that which is equipped with a soul can be involved in such acts.

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