Timeless Warning
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: Dear Rabbi Ben-Chaim, I opened your weekly letter with great anticipation, expecting to read some words of insight and encouragement.Instead, you have trivialized the situation in Israel. It's not that I don't agree with what you wrote. However, people are expecting to understand why this is happening NOW.
Based on your "analysis", Hashem should never have "allowed" the state to be created and "reward" the seculars with the thought that what they were doing is right.Certainly the hundreds of Yeshivot, growing every day, should never have proliferated, under the secular Zionist regime.If you have nothing to new to say, I think you should leave the answers to others.Hag Sameach.
Mesora: You do not agree with the text of the Shema which forecasts the ousting of Jews from Israel when they commit idolatry? Doesn't the Prophet many times admonish the people to keep the Torah when bad tidings hit our nation?
No new words need to be spoken. The old, authentic Torah warnings are what we must apply to our current situation. We don't need a new answer, God gave the answer to us time and time again through the Prophets. We need to realize through rational conviction the Torah is true and apply its complete teachings which need no new points. God knew He taught us a complete and decisive message when we veered from the Torah in the past. He need not repeat Himself.
To earn God's perfect Providence, keep His perfect Torah.
Editor's Comments:
This reader should understand clearly, that when the government does not follow halachic rulings - the land will be filled with problems. Why is that so difficult to understand? These rulings include who Israel allows to settle in the land, how those people live and what Israel is obligated to do when those people oppose the law. However, since the government allows Arabs to corrupt its land, it must deal with and suffer through those consequences brought on by those hateful people ( The PLO) and also suffer the consequences of NOT establishing a government founded on Torah law.
This is absolutely clear.

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