Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader's Opinion:
"As a Jew I believe that the conflict between religious and varying degrees of secular Judaism could easily be the ruination of Israel.  The security, prosperity and social development of Israel is a core value for the great majority of Jews.  Israel must not be a religious theocracy or it will not survive.  As a five time visitor to Israel the overwhelming opinion that I have heard is, 'we can handle the Arabs but we cannot handle strictly orthodox Jews who attempt to force their values on the whole population.'  Israel must encompass 'religious freedom' for all Jews."
In response to your claim for free expressions of Judaism, I would ask you the following: If you went to a doctor and he prescribed five pills which if taken, would give you life, would you claim "freedom of selection", and only take those pills which you liked?
Of course not.
You know that a doctor has supreme knowledge of the human body, and you don't. You wouldn't risk your life.
The entire world admits through retention of the Old Testament, (the Five Books of Moses) that G-d visited the Jews in 2448, and gave them a divine law called the Torah.
No nation disputes this.
From a scientific standpoint, all science agrees that there must have been a First Cause for the universe, as it could not go back in time eternally. This First Cause is solely responsible for human life and human design, which included the design of the human mind. This First Cause is the only force which could suspend the laws of nature, and create a mountain ablaze with a voice emanating from that blaze. This historical fact is what the Jews at Mount Sinai witnessed.
If the doctor - who merely studied the body - is accepted for his medicine, G-d, Who created the human mind and said the Torah in its complete form is the best life for humans, how much more must He be correct, and how foolish is it of someone to say, "I'll just keep the first 25 commands".
Additionally, an observant Jew should not harbor ill feelings towards one who is less observant, or anyone for that matter. I agree that Israel must tolerate Jews on all levels. However, the Torah teaches us that G-d will cause the land to vomit us out if we don't keep the Torah. We can try to make Israel a place where everyone is right, however, this is clearly not G-d's view. G-d gave us the land as a means for keeping the commands. It's not a place to enjoy for itself. Political sovereignty per se is not to be valued.
The land is only functioning in it's purpose when it is a means to perfecting ourselves under our own rulership outlined in the Torah.
G-d created the land of Israel. He in His wisdom is the only One Who has the right to make the rules for living there - not mortal man.
My suggestion to you would be to first of all, forget what you here people saying about the orthodox. Use your own mind. People rebelling against the orthodox are not doing so armed with any rational argument against the ideals of the Torah. They are complaining from their own infantile feelings about restrictions. They want to be free. Unfortunately, they don't know the first thing about freedom. They are actually prisoners of their incorrect fantasies.
Number two, start to study the Torah with a teacher on a regular basis. You may have been taught as a younger person, but as an adult, you must relearn it. Many schools teach incorrect notions which we unfortunately harbor our entire lives. I am sure that if you find an honest Rabbi, he will illuminate you to the beauty of the ideas, and even to the process of learning. Don't be biased by what you are used to, or what your peers will say.
If you cannot find a Rabbi, I will assist you with your questions to the best of my ability.
We only have one shot at living the right life. If you want to know the correct life, you owe it to yourself to make an honest, objective inquiry into orthodox Judaism as outlined in the Torah.
Feel free to stay in contact,
Moshe Ben-Chaim

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