Tolerating Religions

Roy Neal Grissom

The following is in response to an article printed elsewhere, defending Vatican Council II:

"As a former convert to Catholicism who is now a practicing Ben Noach, I am no friend of any form of Catholicism--leftwing or rightwing. However, I found one aspect of your article on Mel Gibson's "The Passion" extremely troubling.

Your endorsement of Vatican Council II as positive "in every way" is extremely shortsighted. True, one outcome of that Council was a lessening of the Church's anti-Semitism. However, this solitary jewel was buried in a mountain of dung. Vatican Council II was a triumph for liberal Catholics who subscribed to the "new age" doctrines of Teilhard de Chardin and to the notorious German Protestant higher criticism of the Torah. One reason I left my new "home" in the Catholic Church for Nochut was the post Vatican II Church's irreverent attitude towards the Torah, which it believes is the work of "redactors" who spliced together a number of Mesopotamian and Canaanite myths. Needless to say, liberal Catholics (for all their "philo-semitism") do not believe that HaShem actually commanded the extermination of the Seven Nations of Canaan, but that the blood-thirsty, primitive Jews merely "thought" He did. Liberal Catholics, you see, believe in "progressive revelation," that G-d is " a work in progress." And do you know who the ultimate negation of this "vicious" "old testament" G-d is? That's right--the same J*sus whom you seem to think they despise.

I simply do not understand why Torah Jews are such enthusiastic supporters and defenders of liberal chr*stians. Is "tolerance" so important that it trumps the universal prohibtion of idolatry? Is HaShem so unimportant that it is unimportant whether or not non-Jews acknowledge Him so long as they are "tolerant" of the Jewish people? Or perhaps HaShem only wants the Jewish people to believe in Him and desires all other people to be atheists?

I for one am tired of Torah Judaism's utterly false image of being more liberal, tolerant, rational, and humanistic than chr*stianity. I LEFT chr*stianity because it is all those things and Judaism is NOT. Most non-Jews may be unaware of just how Fundamentalist Torah Judaism is, but I am not. I am aware that every letter (including the sizes, shapes, names, and even the spaces) were dictated to Mosheh by HaShem Yitbarakh Shemo. I am aware that there were precisely ten generations from 'Adam to Noach, ten generations from Noach to 'Avraham, and six generations from Noach to Mosheh. I know that it is a mitzvah to exterminate the nations of Canaan and Amaleq, and that the Holy Temple must be rebuilt and the sacrifices (how do you explain THOSE away?) must be reinstituted. As an observant Ben Noach I wish non-Jews to forsake false religions and embrace HaShem's demands of them, the Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah. Yet what to Jews do? Do they teach us about HaShem? Do they teach us about the Torah? No. They remain absolutely silent about mankind's duties to HaShem and instead celebrate and endorse liberal chr*stians who blaspheme HaShem and His Torah, all because of their "tolerance!" I am disgusted.

Perhaps you should do a survey to determine just how many Benei Noach started out as "tolerant" liberal chr*stians. I think you'll find that the nature of liberalism--the denial of any sort of objective religious truth--makes it impossible for any liberal to come to HaShem. Why do even Torah Jews prefer atheist chr*stians to sincere Noachides? Why??

For two hundred years the Jewish leadership has embraced a doctrine of "pluralism" and "tolerance" that is contrary to Torah and which Yehoshua Bin Nun would never recognize. All the "tolerance" has done is get Benei Yisra'el and Medinat Yisra'el branded as hypocrites for every time they have attempted to defend themselves. Torah Judaism cannot coexist with the philosophy that erects "museums of tolerance" and which rewards liberal chr*stians for blaspheming the Holy Torah. Tear down those museums (or else change them to museums of HaShem, Torah, or Likud Ha'Aretz) and instead build the Beit HaMiqdash. Expel the goyim from 'Eretz HaQodesh create the Torah Society mandated by HaShem. And instead of seeking the impossible--to coexist with the false world of the Goyim--wage Milchemet Gog uMagog to COMPEL them to accept, not tolerance, but Sheva HaMitzvot.

I recently observed elsewhere that most people are completely ignorant of the actual contents of Judaism (the prayers, Torah from Heaven, the lulav bundles, the Halakhic method of putting on one's shoes, blessing G-d after relieving oneself, etc.). This totalitarian Theocratic system clashes so radically with Judaism's public image of a modern, rational, humanistic, and above all, TOLERANT religion, that I cannot but believe Torah philosophy has been compromised in the minds of many observant Jews who have been living as Fundamentalists within the minyan and liberals outside it.

I beg you to consider the honor of HaShem and His Torah along with your concern for bigotry against the Jewish people."


Roy Neal Grissom, Ben Noach