Torah Credibility
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: Disputing the validity of other religions while trumping yours is intself an unholy action. Could all the other religions with tenfold the followers of Judaism be WRONG? Why then are Israelis killing innocent peopole in the name of G-d? Do you sanction those actions as eventually good for mankind. You should perhaps learn some HUMILITY from other religions. It seems like the your JUDAISM is going to be responsible for world war 3 sooner or later in the middle east with that rogue state called israel instigiating it. Having read some of your writings I'm inclined to believe that you'd consider a 3rd world war as sanctioned by God with true to his intentions of "cleansing" the world of non jews.
Jews can never live alone or in peace while they consider themselves BETTER than the rest of huminity. Jews WILL NEVER find the peace they seek while at the same time usurping all non jews around them by training on Saturday. What does the Toarh preach with respect to civility to neighbors , political assasinations using the most dhastardly methods in the world, killing 330 Palestinians in 60 days or so? Is that all in the name of God? God surely must be frowning on jews by now. This is NOT what God intended for the nation of "his people" as a minimum. Unless of course your Toarh clearly justifies such acts towards "NON JEWS". Shameful. (But in whose eyes? Jews don't care). The Palestinians will never let jews live in peace under the current circumstances no matter how badly zionist CNN portrays Palestinians.
Yes, A lot of people read stuff on the internet and they formulate their own opinions...
Mesora: Jews defending themselves from unprovoked attacks by our enemies is no crime.
The PLO lynches innocent Jews as they drive by.
Jews do not do so.
The PLO trains their children from kindergarten to die as martyrs.
Jews do not do so.
The PLO gives cash rewards to killers of Jews.
The Jews do not.
The PLO gives $1000 cash rewards to martyrs' families.
The Jews do not.
Our attacks are conservative, and in my eyes, we should wipe our any human who kills the innocent.
This is God's law. All nations would agree to this.
God designed the Torah to be a reservoir of insights which are found only through analytic study. Ideas which when followed, will afford mankind the most joyous life, as study satisfies man in a way which no other activity can. It engages the intellect, that which gives man a look into reality. This "look" satisfies man's whole being, and sates him with a contentment unmatched via any other action. God designed man and the Torah to be his lifelong compliment. Without it, man is not following the one lifestyle which God said Himself is the only route to true happiness.
Only God's ideas are the correct ones to follow. Man's current corrupt actions do not reflect poorly on God's system for man's perfect life. Man's corruption belongs to him, and does not take away anything from the perfect system of the Torah. Judge the Torah by its content alone, devoid of how man follows it.
God gave only one system which was eye witnessed by millions. This is why Judaism frowns upon all other religions. They sprouted up man made throughout history, as any intelligent person will attest to. They are not based on proof, but on the belief in an individual's words, blind faith. Blind faith is not a rational approach to life. Religion must be approached intelligently like all other areas of study. We don't "believe" money will be delivered to us, it is nonsense, so we take rational actions to train for careers which we will enjoy, and which will provide amply for our needs. We approach life intelligently in all areas, except for religion.
But this is a gross mistake, and is not consistent. If rational thinking is to be applied to all areas of life, why do so many ignore intelligence when choosing a religion? Too many people feel if masses do something, then it is something worth following. This argument is not rational, and will lead an adherent to downfall, just as will any other blindly followed act.
If God created only one type of man, there can be only one type of best system for him. Anyone with a clogged artery will need a specific procedure - be he black, white, Catholic, Moslem or Jewish. All mankind shares the same physical design - and the same psychological and emotional design.
Just as there is one solution for physical issues, there is one solution - the Torah - for metaphysical issues.
Read our paper on Torah from Sinai and let's talk more if you wish.
Be guided only by rational argument, not by previous conviction.

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