Torah Critics
Moshe Ben-Chaim
There are some scientists claiming the Torah couldn't be written in the time when Moshe lived, because of the differences in God's name and due to different styles of speech found in Torah texts. They claim that Torah as we know it today, is a result of different traditions which were unified in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah and they led into unifying of the Five Books of Moshe. Are these arguments relevant for the question of God's authorship of Torah written by Moshe?
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The Torah critics do not understand the method of learning Torah which is acquired through years and years of Talmud study. They cannot have any valid critique. It is as if one were to look at the human body, with no knowledge of biology, and state that since the brain and the heart are so different in design, they must have been created by two different creators. But they would be incorrect, as they arrived at an opinion with a grave lack of understanding, no Torah methodology, nor accurate facts.
A scientist does not realize that there is a world of study and style to the Torah. Many people ignorantly view the Torah as a book like all others. What a mistake to equate a human author with God, One so distinct, man cannot ever arrive at any positive knowledge of Him, "You cannot see me and live". Scientists project their limited scope of physical knowledge onto the metaphysical Torah, without having toiled in the Talmudic and Scriptural reasoning and teachings of the Rabbis, the Torah authorities. We have a Mesora, a tradition, handed down to us from Moses, regarding the method of learning Torah. Torah knowledge is acquired only after years of submerging oneself with a mentor who himself received tutelage from others.
Let the scientist first educate himself on this vast area and style for a few decades. Once he becomes a Torah scholar, I am sure he will withdraw his comments with much humility.

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