The Assumption that Torah is Not Divine
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: A person I spoke to suggested that it is clear that something happened at Har Sinai, for the reasons outlined by the Kuzari. However, he gave a historical analysis. That is, that the Torah as we have it is really a compilation of many "stories", with many authors, over a large period of time. There was an evolution. This person backs up this claim with proofs from the Torah itself. Namely, that the Torah has different textual styles
Mesora: No rabbi in the gemara, no Rishon or Torah authority ever posed this possibility. If he learned the Torah for a decade or so, and realized what depth there is in a book written by God, he would not speak such casual absurdities, but would humbly seek reasons for different forms of "text style", as he puts it. People often read the Torah like any other book. This is only where the gross negligence begins....
Reader:This person who is a history major at Harvard explains that it is common for there to be an evolution of ideas over long periods of time, as he cited many examples. He explained that, for example, within one 100 year decade after Ma'mad har Sinai, the idea could have evolved that 2 million people were there, when really only a few thousand were. Within the next 100 year decade, people believed that there was a mountain that people gathered around. Within the next 100 year decade, people believed that miracles were performed, and so on, and so one, etc, etc...until what we have as Har Sinai today. He also explained that with the advent of the printing press, such mistakes are not likely to be made as easily in the future.
Mesora: Then there would be current alternative editions of the Bible with his suggested editions,...but there is not.
The facts disprove his theory.

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