Views - Gentiles
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I understand your response that Christianity is not OK for Christians. Basically Christianity is NOT all right for Christians or anyone else - But Only Jews were given the Torah.
Are Non Jews then doomed to never be elevated?
Mesora: No. Gentiles are to follow God in their system (7 Noachide commands) and the Jew is to follow God in his system of 613 commands. Both are following what God deemed fit respectively.
Reader: When exactly did there become non-Jews or more correctly when did there become Jews and non-Jews, or has it also been so from the beginning?
Mesora: After the event at Sinai when God gave the Torah, there emerged the nation of Jews required to follow the 613 laws. But the "children of Israel" status existed at Jacob's (Israel's) time.
Reader: Judaism does not recommend or seek converts, and often discourages much interaction with non Jews,
Mesora: Incorrect. Regarding idolaters, yes, we are bound to remove ourselves from identification with all which cleaves to idolatry, and opposes the rational proofs of monotheism. Regarding gentiles (not idolaters) we are to act as teachers. This is one reason why we study the Torah, to teach the other nations. God created all mankind because He cares for all mankind. Not just Jews. Initially, there wasn't Jew and Gentile, there was simply man. This was God's plan, until man initiated idolatry. God then created the Torah to be safeguarded by one nation to dispel idolatry, and learn His ways. But God's plan is that all man approach God. In God's wisdom, He created a system for both Jew and gentile - the 613 and the 7 Noachide Laws.
Reader: I am discouraged by the vast differences in opinion among the frum community, especially what seems to be a large rift between the Chassidic and the Non-Chassidic
Mesora: If it occurs that people, deviate from the ideals set by God - following wrong ideas - then Jews must speak out, even if it is against his own brother.
The right ideas must be defended and incorrect notions opposed, so others do not go astray after them. We are not to hold our lips because it seems that we are infighting. Rather, we are to follow the Torah command to "rebuke thy kinsmen".

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