Virgin Birth of Jesus
Moshe Ben-Chaim
'I would like to hear your explanation for the virgin birth of Jesus.
This extra-ordinary event seems to help convince me that there is something truly special about this man. How would you explain it?
Thank you for your time
There is no proof that Jesus was born without a father. Although the whole Christian world believes it is true, it is mere belief.
Ask yourself one question, "How can anyone prove whether Mary had intercourse or not?"
Was she being monitored her whole life to see that she never laid down with a man?
Since this could not have been done, why should we assume such a fantastic story? It goes against the mind. There are no witnesses to such a claim or event. Additionally, what greatness is applied to Jesus by the claim that Mary had immaculate conception? This is no reflection on the child, as a child should be punished or rewarded for his OWN deeds, not his parents deeds. This is actually part of the Old Testament, "a man in his own sin will you kill". This means that G-d intends justice to be meted out to those responsible, and visa versa.
The reason they claim Jesus had no father was to create an aura of greatness around him. If the ideas of Christianity were really provable and sound in themselves, there would be no need to fabricate a story such as immaculate conception. The ideas would have spoken for themselves.
It is unfortunate, but the rest of the world feels that reason is not a part of one's religion. In all other areas, a person will use his mind, in work,
in travel, in child rearing. Why then do they abandon reason when it comes to the most important area of life- one's philosophy?
Blind faith has no merit. Even a child can believe something. This however does not mean it is true.
Don't you want to live you life knowing that you are following what G-d really desired for man? If so, you owe it to yourself to prove things one way or the other. G-d designed the entire universe, and all the laws which operate can be understood using reason. G-d gave us a mind to use in all areas, science, math, health, and so on. Would it not be foolish for Einstein to have merely taught what he "believed". If he had no proof for his arguments and theories, and just told the students and reporters to believe in his views without any proof, would he not be laughed out of the lecture hall?
Doesn't it stand to reason then that G-d desires us to use this mind in the most important area - the knowledge and worship of Him?
There is a reason why Christianity is based on belief, is because there is no proof. Why did they keep the Old Testament intact in their religion? They could have started Christianity with their own stories, and omitted everything prior. The answer: The Old Testament is not only the Jewish religion, but also historical fact. It cannot be disputed, just as Caesar being the emperor of Rome cannot be disputed. In both cases, there were large numbers of witnesses, and this is how we establish any event in history as true. If there are no or few supposed witnesses, there is no reason to believe the account actually happened, EVEN IF THE REST OF THE WORLD BELIEVES SO.
Read our article "Torah from Sinai".
Use your G-d given gift of the mind to search honestly for what is provable and for what is not. Don't feel beholden to your current beliefs just because they are from your youth, and you are comfortable with them. You have started questioning, continue, and don't accept anything unless it is as clear to you as 2+2=4.
You will find that you will be able to discern that which is sound, fro that which is baseless..
Abandon all previous beliefs that have gone unquestioned, and do not live based on what others believe, but live YOUR life based on what makes sense. Question all matters until they are perfectly clear and rational.
Moshe Ben-Chaim

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