What is "Good"?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: Is a Gentile who believes G-d to be Jesus, or some other "being", guilty of committing idolatry?
Mesora: Yes. Jesus and similar beliefs are idolatry.
Reader: Will he have a share in the world to come in light of the fact that the teachings of these "gods" leads a person to doing good things?
Mesora: No. One who has no concept of who God is, is completely removed from reality. Good intentions do not replace accurate knowledge, which is the only link which we have to the Creator. Our entire relationship to God is solely dependent on our accurate concept of reality, which has God's existence and His manifested "traits" as the primary principles.
Those who have conviction of God's Existence are the only ones who can perform what is objectively good. Conversely, doing "good" because one believes that Jesus wants us to do it is in no way similar to one who does good out of a desire to follow the Torah. A follower of Jesus does not act from an appreciation of God's will, and therefore his actions are not in line with reality. In the former we are doing that which reality - God - dictates. In the latter, we are following the fantasies of a man which are completely subjective. This is a very important point.
God created the universe and is therefore the Only Being worthy of dictating how this reality must be followed; that is, what is "good" and "bad", and what is "true" or "false". God's unique act of creation preserved for Him alone the right to direct man's affairs. One who is wise and studies God's system of Torah will also understand that these directions are the ultimate good for us, and those means by which we enjoy the most pleasant life.

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