What Did Moses Receive?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: When the torah was given on sinai so it seems that that means that G-d said the first two commandments, then "told" moshe the next eight and he said them to the rest of klaal yisrael.
Mesora: Correct.
Reader: But the rest of the torah (e.g. laws of korbanos, tumah, taharah etc.) when was that given? Did g-d tell moshe in propecey and then he taught everyone else? where is there a mention of this?
Mesora: There is a dispute on this, but one side says it was given at its time, not prophetically all at once on Mt. Sinai. If it was given all at once, then why post-Sinai would Moses need to confer with God on questions which he should have remembered as told to him on Sinai? It is more plausible to hold that as the Jew's history unfolded, so it was written down according to God's instruction to Moses, and not all at once at Sinai.
This is my opinion.

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