Why Judaism

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Operating on the principle that people in general are seeking the most happy life, I find there is a dichotomy in most people's everyday affairs when comparing matters of business and health on one side of the scale, and one's philosophical outlook on the other.

Allow me to give an example:
Say a person was interested in caring for his physical health the best he could. He would undoubtedly seek the advice only from a professional in the field. Someone who has studied the human body for decades. Only this type of person would be sought to give advice on the proper maintenance for the body. It would be absurd and dangerous for one to administer their own medication, and certainly perform injections, as this could lead to death.

Just as with the body, so also, one should be consistent and treat the higher areas of decision making with at least the same level of care.
I refer to one's philosophy and psychological happiness.

If there were a proof that there was one person on Earth who knew the psychological makeup of man the best, and could advise on the best philosophy to live life, then all people would certainly follow this person. There would be a line at his door for miles, as any person would trade his riches to have the secrets of true happiness.

Judaism as well as all other religions accepts the fact that G-d created man, and being so, He is most knowledgeable about the best path for man to lead his life. G-d created all the facets of a human being's mind and soul, and has already taught the world how to achieve happiness to the best degree. That is by following the Torah. The wisest of people, Moses, King Solomon, and King David, and many philosophers from other religions had admonished the people to follow what G-d wrote for man to involve himself in. Had the world not been presently seduced by the fantasies of wealth, the idolization of power, and the enticements of the physical pleasures as goals in themselves, man's energy would find extreme satisfaction in the bounties provided by science, philosophy and all areas of G-d's wisdom. It is only due to the "follow the leader" mentality which has led the unquestioning world into keeping up with the Jones's, and not seeking out the principles leading to happiness. It is not due to the lack of enjoyment which wisdom affords, but to a misconception proliferated throughout the world that people are in the dark, and have no concept of reaching happiness. Instead, people are always seeking the "next big thing', hoping that THIS will finally satisfy their fantasies.

The world at large however lumps Judaism, and all other 'religions' into one category. The fact is that all other religions, by their own admission, were created by man, and at a certain point in history. Ironically, many hold onto the Old Testament. Why don't they abandon it altogether if they desire a new religion? The answer is because the Old Testament, the Bible, is historically sound, and cannot be disproven. Those other religions are not based on proofs, but on the word of a single man. One either believes him or not. What existed before those religions were imagined and codified, was Judaism. Search out history and you will find this accurate. A sound mind would conclude that anyone who suggests there is a better system than that which G-d created, is very haughty and incorrect beyond comparison. How can man be wiser than G-d? A person cannot match G-d in the smallest degree and even duplicate a single law of nature. Is he then going to raise himself above G-d and suggest a better lifestyle? This is absurd.

Scientists and philosophers en masse confess to the existence of a Creator. They do not feel the world just came into being. They admit there is a Designer. It is not a religious issue, but a scientific one to admit there is a Being who created man for a purpose.

If you look into matters, you will find that Judaism is based on proof, and on the goal for man to live in most harmony with his nature, removing conflicts, teaching sound ideals, and enjoying the pursuits of wisdom.

Just as one seeks advice on his physical existence, shouldn't one also seek advice on his philosophical existence?

Each one of us deserves to examine the facts at least once in our lives. Determine for yourself, without bias to your present orientation and beliefs, whether G-d truly exists and desires only the good for man. Only then can you comfort yourself with the opinion that your current lifestyle is the best. If you haven't searched out these questions honestly yet, then you may very well be incorrect. Perhaps this realization that one can be wrong on the very essence of one's value system is what prevents us from honestly searching. But isn't the prospect of finding out now what is best worth the knowledge? Would you not search out a provable and more successful method of making money if it was free to read about? Or would you say, "I am happy making less and with more toil?"

If you haven't taken the time in your life to do this yet, I strongly urge that now is the time. You owe it to yourself to search out at least once, and answer for yourself, "What is life for?". "Why are we here?" "What method of living will actually bring me the most enjoyment in life?"

What then is the proof that G-d desired man to exist and follow the Torah? Read the following article, Torah from Sinai  and then e-mail any questions. We will reply until you are satisfied that your question is answered.



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