The Wisdom of the Writing

Moshe Ben-Chaim

It is vital to reiterate fundamental ideas. The purpose in God granting His Torah is our unveiling His astonishing wisdom, so we might all fulfill our primary objective: attaining a true love of God. In His Torah, God teaches us laws, philosophies, and records the perfections of many individuals. But in literally each verse in all of these topics, God writes in a style we refer to as “Chochmas Hakasuv”, “the wisdom of the writing”. This wisdom is expressed in very subtle hints. We may notice Joseph repeating to Pharaoh that “his dreams are one”. This is to teach us why Joseph’s interpretations were accepted, while others were rejected: Joseph educated Pharaoh in an unnatural, repeating “design” in dreams that must be divine, when no one else did. We may wonder why in one verse God records that Pharaoh gave Joseph an Egyptian name, an Egyptian wife, and promotes Poitphera to priest. We thereby learn that Pharaoh attempted to silence those who accused Joseph of rape, by giving the very daughter as Joseph’s wife, and bribing Potiphera with a political position. An Egyptian name too obscures his true Hebrew roots, making him an acceptable ruler.
If in our studies we do not seek to detect and explain the verses’ brilliant nuances, repetitions, out-of-place words and other inconsistencies, we fail in Torah study and forfeit opportunities which can reveal God’s intended lessons.
As I continue to hear many simplistic Torah explanations, where today, very few Rabbis and teachers show the tremendous questions in the verses and explain them, I feel it necessary to draw your attention to the fact that a sea of marvelous insights awaits below the surface. I urge you to seek out those precious questions, and even more precious answers.
“If you seek it out like silver, and chase after it (Torah) like buried treasures, then you will understand the fear of God, and the knowledge of God will you find.” (Proverbs, 2:4)
Your Torah study must follow King Solomon’s advice, if you are to arrive at God’s intended lessons. Do not be merely ‘satisfied’ with a Torah explanation, when in reality, God designed each verse to amaze you.