Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: What is the argument of the anti-Zionists? Do you support them as they claim that their position is that of our ancestors and the Mesorah?
Mesora: I support the state of Israel, as it was given to Abraham. It was not taken back, nor was there a command to leave. Frequently in our history, the Jews rebelled against God. Our Prophets urged us to repent, but not as a volunteered exodus from Israel. The only time we are not to be in the land of Israel is when God ousts us out for idolatry. This idea is expressly stated in the Shema. Today we should continue to live by the teachings of our Prophets. God's eternal concepts were given to us through the Prophets. The correct attitude is to cling to Torah, repent and remain in the land of Israel.

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