The Ten Plagues
by, Rabbi Israel Chait - Written by student
What was the reason for G-d plaguing Egypt with the Ten Plagues?
Arov-Wild animals
Dever-Animal's Plague
Barad-Hail mixed with Fire
Bechoros-Death of Firstborn
You notice that they are broken up into three sets. As well, the plagues were given an acronym, "DTZaK, ADaSH, BACHaB". Why was this done? Not simply for memory's sake. It was given to teach us that there is a specific grouping and method to the plagues.
The first three plagues took place on the Earth itself: Blood was in the Nile, Frogs came from the Nile, and the Lice came from the dust of the Earth. The second three occurred upon the Earth's surface: Wild animals roamed free, Animals were plagued and Boils smote all. The third set dealt with the heavens: Hail fell from the sky, Locusts were blown in from the sky, the sky turned Dark.
The last plague - death of Firstborn - was really for a different purpose, that being the termination of the disseminators of the Egyptian culture and beliefs - the firstborns.
What was the reason for this categorization? It is in line with the philosophy of the Torah, to show all that G-d is the only Source of power in the universe. G-d was thus showing Pharaoh and the rest of Egypt that he alone commanded all areas of creation: The Earth, the Heavens, and all in between.
G-d's intent is that all human beings recognize Him, as we say in Alenu everyday, "v'col b'nei basar yikriu shmecha", "all flesh should call your name". Therefore G-d desired to demonstrate His power to relate to the Egyptians as well as the Jews, His level of Supreme power over the universe.

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