Mind Reading 2 (Reader's Response to Mind reading)

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader2: Ever hear of how Daniel told the king what his dream was? Was that distorted?
Mesora: No, that was via a "prophetic-type" dream from God. And this is only from authentic sefer Neveim. Do you propose the Rebbe or the Besht was a prophet, recall please that the gemara teaches that prophecy has ceased.
Reader2: I know first hand of many times that the Lubavitch Rebbe told people things about themselves that even they didn't know. And answered peoples questions before they asked them.
Mesora: This is all explainable by anyone with a keen insight into personalities and psychology. I have done so myself. But one cannot read minds. If this were the case, Moshe should have known the question of the bnos Tzelafchad prior to their verbalization - he shouldn't have needed to "hear" their question.
The same applies to Shlomo haMelech. The two harlots came before him. The pasukim even record that Shlomo repeated their claims to himself, and only then made a judgment. Why? because he determined the truth using intelligence, not mind reading. You must understand that Hashem gave us the gift and faculty of "reason", not so we should claim mind reading, but so we always use intelligence to arrive at ALL our decisions.
Your words are clearly stating a false belief, i.e., that the Besht and the Rebbe had capabilities which Moses, King Solomon and Elisha the prophet didn't have.
Reader2: If you want I can tell you. Do you think that is distorted? Moshe even asks HaShem to provide a man that knows the mind of each Jew (see Bamidbar 16:22) and without such a person the Jews are like a lost flock.
Mesora: Again, this means that Moshe desired that the leader be intelligent and understand people, not that he should be a mind reader. This is no proof. You interpret this passage unjustifiably. Additionally, a friend answered that had Moshe asked God to inspire a leader with mind reading capabilities, we do not see that God actually responded to Moshe's assumed request. Elisha as well had no concept of what the distraught woman was bothered by when she crouched at his legs. Elisha was a prophet, and even he could not read minds.

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