Upon their initial conquest of Israel Moses taught the Jews a path devoid of Torah results in a poverty stricken life. This was exemplified by Mt. Ayval's barren state. If one chooses a Torah lifestyle, it results in all forms of wealth, as in Mt. Grizim's lush quality. Two goats are to be offered in the Temple each Yom Kippur. A Rabbi once explained that these goats represented two opposing lifestyles: One can follow a life dedicated to God, as one goat was slaughtered to His name, or a life devoid of God, destined to fatality. This was displayed by the scapegoat being lead through a desert to its certain death over the cliffs of Azazel.

Observant Jews view Israel as the land given to us by God - a haven secure for following His laws. To the observant Jew, God is essential to our land's objective. God created the Earth and gave us Israel. The existence of the world and following the Torah are both God's will. There is no separation of temple and state.

The non-observant Jew sees Israel purely as nationalistic, similar to any people's land. God is not essential, as all decisions concerning the state are decided politically.
Both positions cannot be correct.
Just as Moses taught the example of two mountains, and as the Torah teaches via the two goats, now is the time to teach our people what path to select and why. The "why" is what is missing. As the Torah did not see fit to institute an annual commandment to take place on these two mountain tops, our choice to follow any command must be based on an analysis of fact.
In all areas of life, observant or not, we act as rationally as possible - making decisions based on reason and proof. This is why a person carefully chooses the right school, from which doctor to accept treatment, and what business decisions to make.
Unfortunately, people are not rational when it comes to selecting an ideology. Observant Jews follow Torah either by understanding the proofs of God's existence, or without proofs. But not a single non-observant Jew has done the same.

Each Jew owes it to him and herself to determine whether or not God exists, and whether He gave us Israel and the Torah. If we prove that God does exist, then we know he gave us Israel. We can now determine through His prophets' teachings how to live and to keep our land, and deal with our enemies.

Mordechai and Esther did not succumb, they followed the Torah even in the face of great danger. On Purim, God saved Mordechai, Esther, and the entire Jewish nation because they followed God's Torah ideals. We must do the same.

Mesora.org suggests that you who have learned the proofs of God's existence begin teaching this knowledge to any Jew who does not know these proofs. Give another Jew the opportunity to explore the tenets of Judaism. We are responsible for one another.

If you are non-observant, ask yourself one question: "Am I following what is true or what is false? Does God exist or not?" If this question does not matter to you, there's nothing more to be said. If however, you honestly seek answers to these question, read on.

The contradiction any non-observant, Zionistic Jew must face is: "Why do I desire Israel as my land?"

What makes us a nation? Our history is accurate, we received the land and our nationhood from God who communicated with Abraham. This same God gave us the Torah for our own benefit.

To believe we have rights to Israel with no obligation to follow the Torah, is a clear contradiction.

Just as we make decisions in other areas, using analytic and objective criteria, let us decide rationally regarding Torah observance.

The Torah suggests a lifestyle that is most enjoyable and beneficial to man. A lifestyle that Moses and King Solomon chose for themselves.
Through thought and understanding they transmitted to Jews at that time the knowledge they wished to be learned by future generations. Wouldn't you like to actually KNOW whether our Torah is authentic? You owe it to yourself to finally prove it. If one believes in God and desires the land He promised exclusively by the words of the Torah, it is truly a contradiction to ignore His commands. Resolve your contradiction.
Why is there so much tragedy today? God determines the fate of the Jewish nation based on our adherence to Torah. If we abandon Him, He abandons us.
The Jewish people do not deserve God's land and His protection,...unless they follow God's Torah. We do not rely on God's intervention alone, but in the intelligent combination of action, prayer, and Torah adherence as exemplified by Jacob when he was hunted by his twin brother.
"Israel, you will not retain God's land without God."
Prove to yourselves the truth, God exists, God gave the Torah for our benefit. Study and keep the Torah. Country of Israel, trust God. Run the country according to Torah laws. God is a better advisor than any human ruler. God alone will decide our outcome.

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim
Founder, Mesora.org

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