Take part of the greatest mitzvah of Torah study, and help others learn. If you have mastered Judaism's Fundamentals and wish to reach out to others, we commend you. Start by clicking the "Send this Page" link at right to a few fellow Jews who you feel might be seeking answers. If you are here to get answers, please continue reading...
    Although originally intended for the non-observant Jew, this new program is not for beginners only: many, if not most Jews do not know the Torah Fundamentals, and how they distinguish Judaism from literally every other religion. Above all, God demands that we each utilize our reasoning to arrive at convictions. That's why He granted each of us intelligence. Since proof is the only means of realizing truth, we must engage it in the most important area: religious life. Reasoning can determine which religion is true, and how every Mitzvah is beneficial and enjoyable. All religions conflict with each other. Only one can be the true religion given by God...and proof is available despite popular opinion. If you truly seek to "know" without doubt how you can be happiest, if God exists, which religion is right, and what God desires of us, you must abandon the need for approval. Follow reason alone.
    In our search for truth and a life of meaning, we can blindly accept what we hear, or we can subject all ideas to the test of proof and reason. Following this latter approach, we can differentiate real and true ideas from false notions and religions, and stop deceiving ourselves. But if we do not examine our religious life as carefully as the doctors we engage to perform surgery upon us, then we are living life blindly, and we may forfeit our one chance here on Earth to really learn how we can be happy, and what the Creator intends for our benefit and enjoyment.
    Torah and all rational systems are designed with "foundations stones", upon which rests all other ideas. Just as physics cannot be understood before we understand what physical matter is, Judaism cannot be understood before first realizing primary, underlying truths, and their proofs. By following an ordered sequence, we wish to lead all those interested, towards a reasoned lifestyle where your decisions are finally based on proof, and your life reaches great meaning and deep satisfaction...what we all desire. To gain the most, read articles of each category in the order listed, highest to lowest:

I. Fundamentals

II. Falsehoods

III. Psychology

IV. Method

Proof of God from Sinai
God's Existence
Maimonides' 13 Principles
Why One Should Learn Torah
Why Judaism?
Why Be Observant
Is God affected by our prayer?
Rambam on Amulets
God's land Without God?

Jesus Cannot be God
Christianity's Flaws
The "Evil Eye"
Is every view correct?
The Right to Investigate Philosophy
Do physical objects have powers?
Can people perform miracles?
Are Jews better I?
Are Jews better II?

Why keep Kosher?
Rambam on Amulets
Do Red Bendels work?
Segulas I
Segulas II

Proper Questioning
What are Midrashim?


When your questions arise, your first step should be to use our Search tool to locate an article that might already address your concern. If you cannot locate one, please click here: Ask the Rabbi to send in your questions. Our Audio page also has many classes listed by title, from which you may locate alternative results not listed in the article search results. And we suggest you attend our TalkLIVE sessions as well. In this forum, you can ask your questions live, and hear the lecturer respond to you.
    Be mindful that patience is truly a virtue, and with time, honesty, courage and a desire for conviction, you can finally know what is true, and what is false...and live by truth. You will eventually arrive at a life where your truly enjoy each day, adhering to the Torah commands which our Creator intends for us. For it is only when we use our most central part of our existence - our intellects - that we will sense the most fulfillment in life. But if we ignore this central component, we will always be dissatisfied with life, only fooling ourselves that happiness can be achieved through possessions, fame, travel, or lusts. The greatest minds taught us otherwise, so we are wise to at least listen to what they have to say.

    We wish you success, and we know that God will guide you to understand more and more truths, for this is our purpose, and that is His will.

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